Good Health Methods

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let's Get Started

What the heck is "Good Health Methods?"

Good Health Methods is a unique way of helping individuals who know what is keeping them from reaching their health goals and helping them develop the necessary habits and methods to overcome these nagging issues.

Example: For the longest time I had the very bad habit of snacking late at night and the snacks were usually less than healthy. All the exercising and good eating during the day would be ruined by a peanut butter sandwich or a bowl of ice cream and many times both. I knew what I was doing and how it would prevent me from reaching my health goals, even as I was making and devouring the "snack."

One day I had enough and decided to apply the preferred methods approach which is used in used most business production operations and other successful applications to address recurring issues and apply them, in a modified fashion, to eliminate my nightly grazing.

I quickly overcame my nightly snacking adventures and started sharing these methods with friends and family. After a while I had many folks, some I didn't even know, asking for my help and even offering to pay me. I was spending so much time helping others that I started to neglect my own health and family. So, once again applying preferred methods, I decided to start this Blog which will help share not only my methods but others as well.

So please send in you opinion, or simply ask for help and hopefully we can all help each other.